Virginia Pool Services, Inc.
Lifeguard Employment

Virginia Pool Services has both indoor pool and outdoor pool lifeguard positions with competitive rates.  We try to let our lifeguards work in their community or within a reasonable distance.  Lifeguards can also work at a variety of pools.  Schedules are designed to meet your needs with day and evening hours available.  Year round lifeguard positions are also available at our indoor pools.

If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard for Virginia Pool Services, or know of any one who is interested, please complete an employment application form and return to us.   Virginia Pool Services offers an incentive program to its employees who refer other people interested in becoming a lifeguard.  The prospective employee must be registered for lifeguard training and complete the course, and work for VAPS for a minimum of 40 hours.  For each qualified prospect, you will receive a $5.00 bonus in your paycheck.  This becomes especially important in August when many of our employees who are college bound must resign their positions.

Please download the forms and then fax or mail to Virginia Pool Services.